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     Another character project has been finished and edited to make it as if it was recorded on a VHS :3 Enjoy~

P.S: Finally did a new logo! >w<)/
Attempt to make that V.H.S. effect for the FXX K. Re:used my old logo from last year but I'm planning to make a new one for the C7.R Ryuko and onwards with the autowork projects.

Location: Hamuras apartment [ROOM 723, Level 54]



     It was an early dawn of Chinese New Year; Sayako woke up early to cook Hamura breakfast. Since it was CNY, she made mandarin juice with some mandarins she bought at a street market. After that, she took a bath while the food is cooling down to its warm temperature. As she was relaxing in the bath, Sayako was thinking about some things.

Sayako: Chinese New Year, I hope it won’t be like last year.

     5 hours later, the food was getting cold and the mandarin juice was left in the fridge. Luckily, she didn’t cook much.

Sayako: When the fock is he getting up?!

     She barged into his room then took off the blanket covering him.


Hamura: “Five more minutes…”

Sayako: “It’s been five hours! Now get up! We’re gonna be late for today!”

Hamura: “But the bed would be sad if I left it alone…”

Sayako: “Don’t make me do this Hamura.”

Hamura: “…”

Sayako: “Alright then.”

      Sayako left the room and Hamura continues to sleep comfortably. She returns to the room.

Sayako: “Hamura, if you don’t wake up. I will do “it” to you” *gets on top of Hamura then caress his torso*

Hamura: “Do…What?”

Sayako: *moves closely to his ear* “I’m going to make you wet Ha. Mu. Ra. Kun.

*sprayed a bucket of cold water at him*

     Hamura woke up immediately with a shocked look on his face.

Hamura: “WHAT THE…”

Sayako: “Wake up, we’re going shopping. Don’t make me wait”

Hamura: “Ok. Ok. Just let me clean myself up first.”





     They reached the place and Sayako dragged Hamura to a traditional clothes shop. She already picked hers but Hamura didn’t.

Sayako: “Hamura, why didn’t you pick out your clothes?”

Hamura: “They look really uncomfortable.”

Sayako: “Is that just an excuse because they look ridiculous? C’mon, let me pick one for ya.”

      And so, Sayako pick out 5 clothes that might fit him for both himself and each other. 30 minutes later, she found an orange yukata with a cherry blossom pattern around it.

Hamura: “Sayako, you picked this just because you’re wearing the same pattern as it with the opposite color.” *poker face*

Sayako: “What are you talking about? Now c’mon, let’s go to the festival together.”

     They purchase the clothes they wore and left the shopping complex. As they were driving, he remembered something before they left the apartment.

Hamura: “Sayako.”

Sayako: “Yes, Hamura?”

Hamura: “I saw the food you cooked for us this morning. I’m sorry. I didn’t know you would do it.”

Sayako: “Ah, that. You don’t have to worry about it. Right now, we have to enjoy what we have now. Now are you going to feel bad for the rest of the day or enjoy it with me like the last day of your life?”

Hamura: “Alright” *smiled a little*





     After a long trip, they reached the festival. There were so many people coming over and events prepared for the guests. Sayako was excited to try one of the game stalls like fish catching, gun shooting, ball throwing, and couple games that gave them prizes to win. They won prizes after that but it was too many for Hamura to carry. Hamura on the other hand just wants to take a sit.

Hamura: “Sayako…Can you carry half of your prizes with you? My arms are tired.”

Sayako: “Sure. However, I would carry half of them if…”

Hamura: “If?”

Sayako: “You try that event!” *points at karaoke event*

Hamura: “Ehh?! You know that I can’t sing that well.”

Sayako: “If you win, I can let you sleep with me for tonight.”

Hamura: “I’ll try my best!” *fired up*

     After a song, didn’t managed to get first prize but he managed to get third. He felt bad and a little down when he can’t win the big first place prize and he can’t sleep with Sayako tonight.



Time: 2030hrs


     They entered their apartment room looking tired with the prizes they (mostly Sayako) won.

Hamura: “Finally we’re home” *puts all the prizes on the bed in Sayako’s room*

Sayako: “Thank you for carrying my prizes.”

Hamura: “Wait a minute; you said that if I “TRY” that event, you carry half of them.”

Sayako: “Uh…I forgot?” *knocked her head lightly*

Hamura: *whispered “Really” quietly*

     Hamura closed her door room after he left. Sayako on the other hand just checks the prizes she won. Most of them are plushies and teddy bears. She saw his prize which was a silver dog tag necklace which will bring him good luck.

     She left her room and starts searching for him.

Sayako: “I need to give this back to Hamura”

     She went into his room and saw him sleeping already. Sayako puts his necklace on the study desk. As she was putting it on the desk, she saw a beautiful drawing of her in a Kimono just for CNY he made. Sayako felt amazed and touched from the drawing. She also founds a CNY card for her with an Ang Pau inside it. “Happy Chinese New Year, Sayako. My Last Stardust”. She blushed.

Sayako: “That sounds a little weird. Did he make this for me? Was he trying to give this to me the whole time?” *looks at him sleeping* I doubt it *smile*

Hamura: *sleeps*

Hamura:  *sleeps*

Hamura: *sleeps*

Sayako: *successfully got on the bed* “His that tired? Well, maybe I can sleep with him just for tonight.



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